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Cimquest Inc. is pleased to introduce leasing and rental options for the uPrint 3D Personal Printers. Leases are offered through Stratasys, the system manufacturer.

Rent-a-uPrint! $995 per month

rent a uprint

Start Up Kit includes:

CatalystEX Software
Model & Support Material
Printing Bases

Sonic Station Cleaner + Soluble Concentrate

Web-based Orientation


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Lease-a-uPrint starting at $270.27 per month!

lease a uprint


Buy a used uPrint: Receive credit of 50% of the monthly rental of the first 3 months; receive 33% of the monthly rental for months 4 - 12.˜²


Buy a new uPrint: Receive a credit for 33% of the monthly rental fee for months 4 - 12 , applied toward purchase; no credit for initial min. 3 month rental.*²


To START: $2990 (includes $500 Deposit, $500 Start-Up Kit, 1st and Last Month's rental fee)


˜Original security deposit can be applied toward purchase or refunded

²Both credits can be used toward purchase

*Rental renews monthly; 3 month minimum rental Rental renews monthly *3 month minimum rental

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